Reinsurance And Retrocession Intermediary Services

This is reinsurance placed on an individual risk basis. Each risk/policy is reinsured as and when the insurer requires cover. This can be done when the policy is issued for the first time, at renewal or when a major mid-term endorsement is concluded. Our reinsurance broking division provides intermediary and advice services for insurers seeking underwriting capacity as well as expertise in writing specialised classes of business and large risks.

Insurers arrange treaties to protect a pre-defined portfolio of business over an agreed time frame, usually a year. The classes of insurance described as covered in the reinsurance agreement are automatically covered by reinsurers. Due to the complexities of negotiating and arranging treaty covers, we have expert qualified and experienced reinsurance brokers to assist insurers with sound advice.

We have the skill and expertise to perform an assessment of the portfolio transfer book and well as administer the run-off of treaties and portfolios. Our typical clients are those companies that cease writing some lines of business or where a company cease writing business altogether either by run-off or curatorship.

Cell captive insurance companies and rent-a-cell captives require reinsurance protection to reduce their net exposure to catastrophe losses as well as peak risks. We arrange tailor-made facultative and treaty reinsurance through specialist insurers in South Africa, Mauritius, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

We have access to A-Rated reinsurers who provide strong reinsurance security backed by competitive pricing. We have the expertise to structure the appropriate reinsurance structures and programmes, both on a proportional and non-proportional basis.

We provide advice and intermediary services for the following classes of business: