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Your Efficient (Re)Insurance Partner
Mukfin-vehicle insurance
Motor Insurance
Motor Insurance
Our insurers provide comprehensive cover for your vehicle against risks such as theft, hijacking, accident, fire and third party liability. All vehicles owned, leased or hired by your business are covered under one policy.
Risk Management Services
Enterprise Risk Management Solutions
Insurance is a risk transfer mechanism designed to cater for that part of risk which the client cannot retain or manage. In order to fully appreciate your insurance needs, it is essential to consider risk from a holistic approach.
Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance
Travelling exposes your employees to various health exposures which can lead to sickness, hospitalisation and a need for medical attention.
Marine Insurance
Marine Insurance
Marine Hull Insurance, Cargo Insurance, Goods in Transit, Open Marine Covers & House Boats and Yatch
bond Insurance
Bonds and Guarantees
Performance Bonds, Retention Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Maintenance Bonds, Bid Bonds..
We are an international insurance and reinsurance intermediary with a focus on enabling Afro-centric global risk solutions.

How can we be of Assistance?

We are the foremost regional reinsurance institution dedicated to the African continent. We have unique local expertise in offering security to our clients, with strong capitalization and A-grade international ratings.

For great insurance cover, contact us on:

+27 10 210 7093

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We pride ourselves as a leader in providing insurance and risk advisory services, reinsurance intermediary services as well as skills development on the African continent.
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CEO: Simba Mukonzo

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