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Enterprise risk management solutions

Insurance is a risk transfer mechanism designed to cater for that part of risk which the client cannot retain or manage. In order to fully appreciate your insurance needs, it is essential to consider risk from a holistic approach.

Our enterprise risk management approach enables the client to appreciate the full spectrum of risk from all activities and processes within the business. Our approach to risk management varies according to scale and this includes desktop reviews and risk surveys.

Risk management training

Our insurance advice and products are based on sound risk management. To this end, we offer risk management training to our clients to equip them with the knowledge to implement measures which they can implement to reduce the costs of insurance.

The training also helps to make sure that clients also comply with the terms, conditions and warranties imposed by insurers. The major reason why insurance costs increases every year is poor risk management. This can be addressed if senior management and staff members are aware of the risk reduction methods.

Our role is to create awareness of risk management and its benefits to your business.

Risk surveys

Risk surveys are a critical component of the insurance evaluation and purchase process. A risk management survey report enables both the risk owner and the insurer to analyse and assess the actual unique risk of the insured. We believe that each and every risk is unique so it is critical to make sure that those salient features of the risk are identified.