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Our Vision: "To be a trusted, leading insurance and reinsurance risk transfer platform"

Mukoma Financial Services (MUKFIN) is an international insurance and reinsurance intermediary with a focus on enabling Afro-centric global risk solutions.

The company’s thrust is to enable access to affordable and reliable international financial security solutions which are customised to meet the unique needs of the African market. We promote the development of relevant products and services with due recognition of the risk specific and market specific factors.

We promote active risk management to make insurance a sustainable risk transfer mechanism. Insurance is designed to transfer that part of risk that is uneconomical to retain or manage. Our passion is to make insurance a central part of the development agenda in Africa.

We pride ourselves as a leader in providing insurance and risk advisory services, reinsurance intermediary services as well as skills development on the African continent.

We have developed very strong relationships with insurers and reinsurers in Africa and globally which enables us to provide customised, affordable and reliable risk transfer solutions for unique risks in Africa.

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